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Oleg Melnichenko Starts "The Penza Oblast Is a Region of Opportunities" Personnel Project
Oleg Melnichenko Starts "The Penza Oblast Is a Region of Opportunities" Personnel Project
Society 25.06.2021

A briefing on the implementation of a new project for the Penza Oblast was held on Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

The event was attended by Oleg Melnichenko, acting head of the Penza Oblast, Rashid Khayrov, CEO of Damate Group and Honourary Citizen of the Penza Oblast, and Dmitry Lisitsyn, head of the project's evaluation activities department.

The project starts in the region for the first time; it is aimed at identifying and promoting promising managers who are ready to work to help the Penza Oblast develop further. The project is launched by the Penza Oblast Government with the support of "Russia - the Country of Opportunities" non-profit organisation.

Oleg Melnichenko mentioned the goals of the project and stressed the special social significance of its implementation.

"When I was appointed acting Governor of the Penza Oblast, I said that we would definitely launch a personnel project to identify talented managers, form a personnel reserve of the Penza Oblast Government, and then attract these people to work in senior positions," the acting head of the region reminded.

"People from 24 to 55 years old will participate in the project. There are certain requirements: the participants need to have a higher professional education - a specialty or master's degree, at least a year of managing experience or at least three years' work in their degree field. We set these limitations deliberately in order to select managers among people who have already proven as good specialists," Oleg Melnichenko explained.

The main goal of the project is to improve the quality of regional management.

"The approach to the formation of the personnel reserve and to appointing people to positions should be neither cronyism, nor corporate, but competitive. There should be a number of complex procedures," the acting governor said.

He also informed that it is planned to attract representatives of various spheres: education, industry, healthcare, business. As a result, there should be formed a list of tested people, whose professional profile will determine their further involvement in managerial work in specific areas.

"Quite recently, at the beginning of June, I was at a meeting of the region's Legislative Assembly, and there we raised an issue that seems to me particularly acute now: it is extremely important for the region to move away from social pessimism and from the feeling that nothing can be changed for the better. This is a psychological disease, but it is no less dangerous than the coronavirus that our doctors are fighting. The implementation of the project will be a very clear proof that energy and strength, honest struggle and creativity are rewarded, that it is possible to achieve success, relying not on informal agreements, but on one's own talent and willingness to work," the acting head of the region stressed.

Today has seen the first meeting of the Supervisory Board of the project "The Penza Oblast Is a Region of Opportunities" – a special collegial body, which included respected and authoritative representatives of the region. Rashid Khayrov was elected chairman.

During the briefing, he expressed the opinion that the project will have a positive impact not only on the public administration system, but also on the socio-economic development of the region.

"Of course, it is important as a new social elevator, and it really supports the most worthy candidates. This is important to strengthen trust in society and create an atmosphere of cooperation between the state and active citizens. But it is no less significant that the project will help to select and highlight a layer of promising managers. This means that it will create conditions to at least partially bridge the personnel deficit faced not only by state bodies, but also by business structures," the chairman of the Supervisory Board shared his expectations from the project.

As Dmitry Lisitsyn explained, the entire selection process is divided into three stages: registration, correspondence selection and face-to-face assessment.

"The first stages are held remotely – this allows us to comply with the current sanitary restrictions, and simply make the entry threshold easier for participants. And such a scheme allows the organisers to simultaneously evaluate a really large number of applicants, selecting the strongest specialists. Already at the end of the remote stage, participants receive an expert assessment of their professional competencies and recommendations for their further development. The personnel assessment is carried out according to a model that has repeatedly shown its effectiveness on a variety of personnel projects, including those on a federal scale," the expert noted.

Together with the announcement of the start of the project, registration of participants was opened – you can apply on the project's website https://58регионвозможностей.рф/

Registration will last until July 21. At this stage, the participants will have to deal with the first task, which is writing an essay. This is a prerequisite for obtaining access to online testing during the remote selection stage. Participants can write an essay until July 23.