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Governor: Provision of Gas Supply Schedule Includes 390 Region's Settlements
Governor: Provision of Gas Supply Schedule Includes 390 Region's Settlements
Society 19.11.2021

The issues of providing gas supply to households in the Penza Oblast, as well as expanding measures to support citizens who buy domestic gas equipment, were discussed at a meeting of the Federal Headquarters for Provision of Gas Supply held by Aleksandr Novak, Deputy RF Prime Minister.

The participants of the meeting analysed the current work at the federal and regional levels to fulfill the President's instructions regarding the provision of gas supply to those who do not have such by the end of 2022. In addition, the Deputy Prime Minister noted the fast pace of gas equipment installation in the Penza and Voronezh Oblasts.

The number of applications for provision of gas supply continues to grow gradually: to date, more than 411 thousand are being processed.

"It is necessary to increase the pace of gas distribution organisations work with the population and to inform citizens more actively. Stable communication has already been established through the website of the unified gas provider. The staff gets various questions from the people, which are immediately worked out. It is also important to expand social support measures for citizens to carry out comprehensive provision of gas supply where it is needed. Now 44 Russian regions are using such measures," Aleksandr Novak explained.

The head of the Penza Oblast reported that a social gas supply programme has been launched and is being implemented in the region.

"We have established 26 stations for receiving applications from citizens for provision of gas supply. It is also possible to apply through the portal of public services, websites of gas distribution organizations or multifunctional public services centres. The schedule of providing gas supply includes 390 region's settlements," Oleg Melnichenko informed, commenting on this topic.

"One application is enough to get the entire complex of works – the construction of gas networks to the borders and within the applicant's land plot, the installation or reconstruction of the internal gas pipeline of a residential building, the supply and installation of appropriate equipment," the governor specified.

He also clarified that the process of gas provision will be displayed on an interactive map, which will allow people to monitor the work and, if necessary, to make adjustments. The map will be posted on the official website of Gazprom Gas Distribution Penza.

There are 6961 households that do not have gas supply in rural areas where gas has already been provided. According to the schedule, in 2021 work is being carried out in 89 settlements. To date, 316 households have been provided with gas, including residential facilities previously planned for the 1st quarter of 2022.

90.89% of the Penza Oblast households have gas supply.

As far as measures to support citizens are concerned, the Penza Oblast provides preferences to get gas supply to residential houses of large and low-income families, as well as parents raising a disabled child. Such families are reimbursed from the regional budget in the amount of 100%, but not more than 110 thousand rubles, when getting gas supply inside the household and within the boundaries of the land plot. The regional budget has reserved money for this purpose.